Stewardship and creation of sustainable value

The Penn Production Group understands the implicit value of following sustainable methodologies in its operations to create value for our communities, investors, and the planet.  We consider sustainability as a key component of our overall strategy, business model, and operating policies.  Our aim is to successfully reduce risk and to successfully deliver future benefits to all our members and the wider community of Clearfield County.

Strategy and Vision

Our vision is focused on the future and to create value for all investment partners and shareholders by promoting all science and data-driven best practices and processes that reduce our impact on the environment and local communities, by:

  • Continuously working to improve the reduction of our gaseous emissions, to reduce the impact of operations on the land, and to promote a fully transparent approach of our activities to our investor-partners, shareholders, and members of the community.
  • Actively supporting our employees, contractors, supplier partners, and members of the community to ensure a safe working environment both inside and outside of our offices.
  • Developing our business in such a way that it maximizes the value to our investor partners and shareholders by promoting a Kaizen approach to our daily operations.   Working to efficiently deliver low-cost and low-impact solutions that help to reduce our environmental footprint while improving the profit margins.

Our Environment, Social, and Governance policy is at the center of everything that we do.   We acknowledge that we know that strong adherence to our policies will deliver sustainable financial results with a reduced environmental impact and a community that will thrive for all future generations in Clearfield County.   We make this our continual pledge and commitment from day one.

Environmental Responsibility

Our main goal at PPG is to proactively and continuously reduce our impact on the environment, which includes the following:

  • Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Applying sound production resource conservation practices.
  • Responsibly managing and conserving our water usage through the recycling of our wastewater.
  • Reducing pollution and land impact.
  • Restoring the affected surface through, recontour, topsoil replacement, and reseeding/planting lands disturbed and no longer in use.
  • Disposing of material cuttings and drilling solids using PADNR and EPA-approved contractors and disposal sites.
  • Use of lined drill-pads, lined tank containments, and lined loading zones to separate any contaminates from the native soil or terrain.
  • Placing sound and visual barriers where appropriate.
  • Using recommended culverts on roads where appropriate.
  • The use of silt socks, and silt fences for erosion control.
  • The use of geotextile road fabric to maintain well road competency.

The ownership members and founders of PPG are true stewards of Earth.   Members are all conservation-minded people and amateur naturalists not only by belief but in lifestyle practices.   They believe that the safe development of this low carbon fossil fuel, natural gas, provides society with a cheap, reliable, and sustainable means of fueling its future with the smallest environmental footprint for many decades to come.    PPG members have made this commitment as an extension of their individual contributions towards clean waterways, recycling, and other cleanup efforts in their communities.

Social Responsibility:

We understand the importance of building strong relationships with all social interactions from government stakeholders and throughout the value chain.  We value each employee, contractor, supplier partner, shareholder as an important part of our PPG family.  We are committed to the equal treatment of all individuals regardless of race, gender, or creed.   We adherence to human rights and to be the strongest corporate citizen within our community.


Our management team and structure are committed to building and sustaining a corporate culture of continuous improvement of all internal processes, transparency in our internal controls to protect our investment partners and shareholders, and to ensure an equitable pay structures and diverse hiring practices.   We believe in the social awareness and responsibility placed on management towards the betterment of all people and humanity in general.