Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

President & C.E.O.

Mark is an icon in the oil and gas industry in Western Pennsylvania and has over 46 years of exploration and production experience in the region.  Mr. Thompson started his first exploration and production company in 1985 and has drilled thousands of wells raising capital organically and through the means of mergers and acquisitions.   

Meet Our Team

Alan Walker

Business Development Advisor

Alan is a native of Clearfield County and is the current Chief Executive Officer of Bradford Energy Company, Inc. and held former C-Suite roles of several other energy companies in Western Pennsylvania. Alan is the former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development serving under the Corbett administration.

Andy Spencer

Land Department Supervisor

Andy has over 14 years of entrepreneurial and management experience within the oil and gas industry in Western Pennsylvania. Mr. Spencer has successfully led the start-up of 3 companies since he graduated from Penn State University and has expertise in land-use and resource management.

John Interval


John has been a Professional Petroleum Geologist for over 33 years, specializing in petroleum geology prospect generation, analysis, and well site assessment, completion design, and production analysis. Mr. Interval currently focuses his work on all Devonian and Ordovician unconventional shale plays e.g. Utica and Marcellus. He has published in multiple editorials on the oil and gas industry in Western Pennsylvania and is an industry expert representing landowners to sell assets to potential buyers.

Peter Hatgelakas

Consulting Geologist - Geophysicist - Petroleum Engineer

Peter has over 42 years of professional experience within the oil and gas industry concentrating on the exploration of the Appalachian Basin. Mr. Hatgelakas has a very diverse educational, technical and professional background focusing on material sciences, crystallography, phase geo chemistry-petrology, mineralogy, structural geology, rock mechanics, rock fracture analysis, multiphase flow dynamics, basin analysis, stratigraphy and sedimentation, carbonate reservoirs, reservoir analysis, etc.

Eric A. Kowalski


Eric has a diverse educational and professional background spending much of his career working for large multi-national corporations in Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America. Mr. Kowalski has a vast knowledge of finance, economics, supply chain, and project management leading teams to deliver large, complex projects with budgets topping US$ 500 million and revenue-generating deliverables over US$ 1.2 billion.

John Kowalski

Management Consultant

John has a diverse legal and technical background spanning over 45 years. A graduate of Duquesne University Law School, he practiced law in the real estate and wireless telecom industries for over 30 years. Upon retiring from the practice of law, he managed massive telecom and robotic projects in Japan, the EU, Canada, India, and the United States. For the past several years his focus shifted to the oil and gas industry where he serves as the Secretary and Treasurer as well as a business strategist for Penn Production.

Mike Cribbs

Completion Engineer

Mike brings his 42 years of experience in the oil and gas industry to the Penn Production Group family. Mr. Cribbs has worked in the Appalachian Basin in Pennsylvania for his entire career and has vast experience in all phases of the oil and gas well completion activities including drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and resolving complex downhole issues.

Brian Collins

Construction Field Supervisor

Brian brings over 29 years of field maintenance, construction supervisory, and remediation experience to the PPG team. Mr. Collins is a highly experienced excavation supervisor who has worked for a number of large oil and gas companies primarily responsible for excavation, preparation, and construction of natural gas drilling sites including the environmental reclamation/restoration of the sites.