A little bit of history...

Mid-East Oil Company a 59-year-old company formed in 1961 by B.G. Bartley and Charles “Chuck” M. Griffith of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The first order of business was ensuring that the company was capitalized to drill 15 to 25 oil and gas wells per year throughout Westmoreland, Armstrong, Indiana, Jefferson, and Clearfield counties.

By the late 1980s, Chuck was drilling up to 50 wells per year until he passed away. 

During this time, he had been doing business with Mark Thompson, owner of MAT Oil and Gas Exploration, Inc. which at that time they were drilling 15 to 50 wells per year.  

The two combined their resources together allowing Mid-East Oil to drill 50 to 150 wells per year and in 1989, MAT bought the existing Mid-East Oil Company from the family members and changed MAT’s name to Mid-East Oil in 1991.

Over the years, Mid-East Oil had over 45 employees and was drilling and had leased in excess of 245,000 acres.  

Over time many of the wells drilled by investment groups were sold-off, however, Mid-East had always retained its deep rights and overrides throughout PA.

Penn Production Operating, LLC became the ownership entity and will be responsible for all exploration and production activities including drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and production for Penn Production Group, LLC.

Penn Production Group, LLC continues to grow every day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us and the great service we provide.

The business has now expanded in a sustainable way over the years and now includes many industries such as oil & gas, energy, and other business services.