Openly embracing the mantra of cost-consciousness, continuous improvement and transparency to achieve operational efficiencies across our core areas of operations is our DNA.



We believe in building fair and strong working relationships with all of our partners and customers across the value chain with the goal to continuously improve the returns for our members and investment partners.



We believe in stewardship and we are fully committed to our Environment, Social, and Corporate Governance policies.  We know that we need to constantly embrace change and new ways of working that will enable us to achieve our vision.



PPG controls approximately 17,000 net acres that will be the premier location for Utica Shale development.  The Company’s core acreage position, our Down River Field, is completely encompassed within the Rome Trough; the most prolific portion of the Utica Shale–Point Pleasant formation.  In our location, the Utica Shale pay thickness averages 325 feet.

  • PPG’s strategy includes a combination of organic development through the drill bit, as well as acquiring other operators’ non-core positions (both producing and non-producing) that add value to its operations.
  • PPG’s core acreage is located appurtenant to a natural gas pipeline which offers the ability to move production from the field to the market.
  • PPG’s future strategy includes diversifying its business to include assets that will drive down operating costs. Examples include midstream (pipeline) ownership, water disposal facilities as well as logistic hubs and trans-loading facilities.