About Us

Utica and Marcellus Shale

The Only State-Permitted Commercial Disposal within 25 Miles of Our Pads

River Access with Water Withdrawl Permit for Fracking.

Company set up to run Drilling rig and frack equipment on natural gas.Major cost savings. We have established our own Rail Siding within 8 miles of our acreage, for buying our sand direct with major savings to our Investors. We  will be the PREMIER of all Utica Shale Drilling. Why let the service companies continue to over charge on services we can provide.

We are as good as any major, but produce at a fraction of the cost.


We have the current footprints of what a major left behind

after spending millions and we can continue for pennies.  We control,manage,have leased or options on up to 150,000 acres in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. Utica, Marcellus, Oriskany plays.